“Resolution – A Firm Decision to do or not to do something”

As the world returns to normal today after the Christmas and New Year Festivities with people returning to work and day-to-day life with plans for a better “them” I decided to write my first blog of 2013. Those of you who know me or do in fact read my blogs will know I only write when I have something to say, or at least have something worth reading….

So here it is and guess what it’s all about RESOLUTIONS!!

Now, bear with me, this is not one of those blogs where I tell you all how I am going to be a better person in 2013, where I plan on making so many changes that come 2014 I am unrecognisable; this is actually my attempt to motivate all of those who have in fact set themselves a goal, to share with you my journey as I attempted to fulfil my own resolution.

Looking back it’s easy remember what motivated me to set my 2010 New Year’s resolution. I had spent the Christmas of 2009 hating myself, and while that may sound a tad dramatic, I mean it with all my heart. I hated how I looked, I hated that all the girls in the office were fitting into slinky size 10 dresses and I was beating myself into size 14-16 dresses. (Now don’t get me wrong, to me a size 14-16 is NOT big, I don’t consider a girl with curves fat but personally I wasn’t happy at my weight and size during that time). I hated getting ready for a night out, because I would physically feel nauseous beforehand trying to plan what I was going to wear or trying to find a dress that made me feel slimmer. Enough was enough and I decided that Christmas to get all my eating out of the way, to binge on desserts and sugary foods and drink all and anything I wanted because that January I was going to start my weight loss journey.

In January 2010 I joined WW at a starting weight of 13st 1lb, my friends still don’t believe that I was as heavy as that, they never considered me over weight in the first place, which is still the ultimate compliment. And slowly but surely I started to lose the weight. I was turning 30 that October and I was determined to have reached my goal weight before 10-10-10.

So here’s where the motivation comes in;

Weight loss as with any resolution you’ve made is NOT easy. There will be some great weeks, like my very 1st week where I lost a half stone, and there will be some pretty rough weeks like the month of June 2010 where I didn’t lose one single pound, but ladies and gents that is all part of the journey!! You must learn to take the good with the bad and you must accept that there will be days when you will want to give in and just go back to eating normal, these are the days you must try harder, because if you can overcome these fleeting moments of feeling downhearted then you WILL reach your goal no matter what that is.

So what did I do to keep myself motivated? How did I get through the rough days? I simply did the following;

  1. Rewards – people do NOT underestimate the power of rewarding yourself for both the big and small accomplishments. I had weekly treats whether it was a takeout; the nachos with CHEESE at the cinema, or something pretty to wear. And when I reached the bigger goals I allowed myself something a little more extravagant, new shoes or a new handbag; all of which I still have and still remind me of what I achieved.
  2. Diary – I kept a diary BUT not a typical day in day out diary; I kept one where I would ONLY write the positive feelings; so how happy it made me feel when I had my 1st half stone down, when someone would give me a compliment or notice my weight loss, Anything positive was recorded and kept in my diary, so on the tough days I could look back and know it was all worth it no matter how difficult I was finding it.
  3. Talk – I told people. Again don’t get me wrong, I did not focus on myself for 12mths and talk solely about my weight loss, but my friends knew my goal and were so supportive that every week I would text my closest friends with my accomplishment whether it was good or bad and I was met with their congratulations or their supportive “you’ll do better next week” texts, all of which helped me immensely.

So in October 2010 I had lost 32lbs and was at the weight of 10 and a half stone. Never have you seen a girl so happy. I was thrilled to be fitting into smaller clothes & while I had not reached my goal weight of 9st 12lbs I was well on my way and I did in fact accomplish my goal weight by December of that year. In 12mths I had changed my body and I was thrilled that I had.

Since then my weight has gone up slightly, I am now always floating somewhere between 10st and 10st 4lbs. Do I feel bad because I’ve gained these few pounds? Occasionally, but now I am in the gym and concentrating on toning my body and learning slowly but surely that muscle weighs heavier than fat.

And what’s my resolution in 2013 you ask; the same as it was in 2011 and 2012 – Keep healthy; keep the weight off and keep the exercise going as much as I can. Yes there are months when I am lazy but even then I stand on the scales every week and acknowledge if I have put up weight, and then I do something about it. Remember all of these resolutions are supposed to be life changes.

So this morning as you embark on being the new you – look at me; know that I know what you’re going through and if we’re on twitter, then tweet me or any of your followers if you’re having a rough day BUT don’t give up, keep struggling through so that next Christmas as you embark on 2014 you do it as the you, you wanted to be.


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Blonde, Eternal optimist, lover of life & all those in mine, Life is for living & enjoying, Cherish every minute and smile once a day!!
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