I get by with a little help from my Friends …….

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.”  Elisabeth Foley

At a very young age I discovered the value of friendship; I realised the wealth of having someone who would unconditionally love you when all others around you appeared to be judging you & as I have grown older I have grown to value this all the more.

Over the last 12months I have been overwhelmed by the friends in my life, those who allowed me to lean on them when I didn’t have strength to stand on my own, those who were able to sit with me & allow me to cry, knowing there were no words they could say & most importantly those who are still there all the while knowing that although I have found some happiness, I’m still not fully there.

Unfortunately my school days are long over, so I, like many others now must face the reality of adulthood, the reality that my friends must leave the country for work, that friendships will be tested and sadly not all friendships make it.

As 32 lurks around the corner, I find myself single again after a very long time & because of this I now value friendships all the more; from those friends I see daily, to those I’ve only ever spoken to via the medium of twitter, each & every one of them make my days richer & for that I am truly grateful.

Over the coming weeks two of my closest friends, Laura & Barrie are set to embark on new adventures & unfortunately (for me) these adventures take them out of Ireland.  Two people who I have leaned on most will no longer be just a car journey or train ride away & honestly it scares me to death.  I have refused point blank to speak of Laura’s leaving and while people may think that I am being dramatic she knows it’s because I feel so sad about it.  Even writing this has me filling with tears.

However with age also comes wisdom, I know that all true friendships transcend even the toughest of barriers, and while I may not get to see Laura every day in work or I may not get to visit Barrie if the urge takes me, I will still be able to confide in them & that makes my life instantly richer.

So here’s my purpose for writing “To all my friends, old & new, Thank you.  Thank you for being there in the good times & more recently the bad.  Thank you all for sharing my laughter & wiping away my tears.  Thank you for simply being you”

Last week my friend shared with me that she was expecting her first baby & for her, I cried tears of happiness.  Upon her leaving she text me & said that she wanted me to share in her happiness and that while I was on the wrong side of the coin now she was sure that one day she would be sharing in mine again.

“Friends, I am doing ok, there are still tough days, and life isn’t exactly what I had planned but in the words of Olly Murs,  I’m gonna live the life I wanted every day, Find someone to help me chase the clouds away, If you wanna know it’s written on my face, When you see me smiling, I’m OK”


About JennwithaPen

Blonde, Eternal optimist, lover of life & all those in mine, Life is for living & enjoying, Cherish every minute and smile once a day!!
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