“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”

An age old romantic, in love with love itself” & an “Eternal optimist” are both phrases that I have used when describing myself.  For those of you who know me, you will know that I am an old fashioned gal, I believe in the virtues of marriage, I believe every Princess does indeed have her Prince & more importantly I believe in “Happy Ever After”

11-11-11 was the day intended to encapsulate all of this for me.  Tomorrow afternoon at 2pm, I Jennifer Aherne was to walk up the aisle. However, my Fairy Tale was not to be & now the date hangs in the air like the darkest of clouds & all I can do is wait for it to pass.  5 months ago, My WeddingFairy Tale came grinding to a halt & my world came crashing down around me; sure I could blog about the reasons, I could rant about the hurt and the pain or I could sit and bitterly crush the sanctity of marriage, but that’s just not me & it is certainly not my reason for writing this blog.

For me life is a lesson & nothing worthwhile is ever easy.  The last 5 months while difficult have also taught me a lot; “Sometimes the people you love will unfortunately be the people who cause you pain, just remember they too are only human & everyone makes mistakes.  Unhappiness & Hurt can make you bitter but only if you let it; embrace those emotions like an old friend, allow them to fill your heart but as time passes wish them farewell because bitterness means you’ll never be truly happy.  Don’t forget what you believe in; I still believe in Love, in Marriage & in Happy Ever After & I always will.  Remember that however dark the cloud there is always a silver lining & most importantly when things are truly difficult, take a deep breath & repeat *this too shall pass*”

So tomorrow on 11-11-11 if you are lucky enough to have someone you love beside you, kiss them, hug them & make sure they know you care …. Yes Love has hurt me but it has also filled me with happiness & as the “Eternal Optimist” I believe that although tomorrow was not my time, one day it will be ……..

J ❤


About JennwithaPen

Blonde, Eternal optimist, lover of life & all those in mine, Life is for living & enjoying, Cherish every minute and smile once a day!!
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4 Responses to “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”

  1. Janet says:

    this was beautiful and heartfelt. Love really does hurt at times and we can really just hope to get through it. I feel sorry for you, but you arent actually asking for pity. You are so brave to talk about it and to not point the finger of blame. I have lived my life believing that everybody gets what they deserve and that has remained a truth with me. I can say that from what I know of you on Twitter you will find a true love, someone who will cherish you, because you truly deserve it. Tomorrow at 2 pm I’ll be thinking of you and I really think you should have a treat!

    all the best


  2. Skinny Doll says:

    Thinking of you today.. to use your words.. it shall pass.. and it will get easier! You’re not bitter and that’s a huge thing… sometimes people can hold onto the hurt for years… it doesn’t do any good.. You’re an inspiration.. and a true kind spirit! if you need anyone to carry your bags to NY .. I’m THERE!! xxx Doll xxx

  3. Shel Bouse says:

    Jennifer I loved this piece and though I know this day ( and the time building up to ) must have been painful I think you’re an inspiration. So many people would let this beat them down, fill them with bitterness and let it define it.

    I know it still probably still fills your mind on more days than others but remember what I said before there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who picks herself back up and keeps on walking.

    Without tough times we never grow xxx and become wise 😉

  4. Arial says:

    I just happen to come across this blog tonight, I found it very well written and heartfelt. And have nothing but empathy for you. And just for the record skinny doll the phrase this too shall pass came from a story about King possibly King Solomon, it was written the inside of a gold ring given to the king. I see your words but I can’t help thinking that you did engage in the heated post break up fights, which is also a fundamental part of a relationship.

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