Hello, I am Jenn with a Pen

It is with trepidation that I write my first blog, so much so that I have spent the last 2hours doing anything but putting pen to paper, or in this case finger to key.  I am apprehensive about content, the entertainment factor but more than anything about being judged.  Writing a blog for me is almost like writing a diary entry, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing people’s secrets, pain & laughter through their blogs & it scares me to put myself “out there” like that, but this is something I have been threatening on you good folk for some time, so today while I have a quiet moment I thought I would start in the only way I know how; by the age old means of introduction, so,  “Hello I am Jenn with a Pen”

There are certain things you need to know about me.  I am a complex girl & I don’t pretend to be otherwise, I am an age old romantic who is in love with love itself, I am honest, but never to the point where my honesty will hurt or offend & when I care about something or someone I do so with every fibre of my being.  I can often speak before I think yet I am afraid of any form of confrontation, which has been much to my detriment.  I am my biggest critic, I cannot take a compliment & I will NEVER be happy with how I look despite having lost the weight I wanted to lose.  I am mostly happy but have days like any other that are tinged with sadness or insecurity or anger….. These emotions however are fleeting, I feel them I own them & then honestly I let them go because I believe people can waste precious time on feelings that inevitably make them bitter.  I am a wife to be, a WW advocate but mostly  I am me and I admit I am still growing so that one day I may become the person I have always wanted to be.

Over the last 12months I have become a Twittering Fanatic & it is because of this that I endeavor to join the blogging world, because while you all know I can talk (god knows some of you probably wish I would shut up every now & then) I think it’s important you all know the girl behind the tweets.  I honestly don’t know which direction the blog will go in but I thought maybe if I started by introducing myself to you all my next blog could be a little more adventurous & it wouldn’t find me sitting in front of the screen typing, deleting, re-reading & invariably TRYING to build up the courage to press POST !!!!!

J ♥


About JennwithaPen

Blonde, Eternal optimist, lover of life & all those in mine, Life is for living & enjoying, Cherish every minute and smile once a day!!
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2 Responses to Hello, I am Jenn with a Pen

  1. sheila2010 says:

    Hi Jenn – welcome to the world of blogging. Love your first one – you will love it as much as tweeting once you get started. Some of my earlier blogs brought comments and replies that encouraged me to continue.
    Look forward to reading your next one. Why not do a blogging diary on your wedding preparations – the blogs that I did about my wedding still gets a lot of hits – for some reason they still are very popular.
    Good Luck with it.
    Sheila x

  2. juleser says:

    Congrats & well done on the first blog post – I love it.
    First post is always the hardest but its plain sailing from here. Its a labour of love but very cathartic.
    Can’t wait to read more & especially the build-up to the ‘Big Day’.
    Keep it up & good luck.
    Jules x

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